Veterans Independence Program /Grounds maintenance/

Greenviron Group is registered provider under Veterans Affairs Canada’s Veterans Independence Program (VIP) in Ground Maintenance Services Category.

The Veterans Independence program assists clients to remain healthy and independent in their own homes or communities.


Grounds Maintenance Services

Grounds maintenance activities ( also called grounds keeping) are those regularly required activities needed to maintain the grounds immediately surrounding the  client’s principal residence. The safety of the client and access to the home are of primary importance.

Acceptable Grounds maintenance Tasks:

  • Tilling ground to enable client to plant a small flowers or vegetable garden
  • Snow removal from steps, walkways and driveways to allow safe access to the principal residence.
  • Snow and ice removal from roofs and eaves troughs when such conditions pose a threat to safety and access.
  • Periodically cleaning leaves and debris from eaves troughs.
  • Lawn mowing and raking
  • Sweeping leaves from pathways, trimming hedges, shrubs and trees when failure to do so would pose a threat to the client’s safety and access.
  • Blocking, splitting and stacking firewood when wood is a continues to be the main source of heat and the work was previously performed by the client.


Grounds Maintenance Task not covered:

  • Lawn planting or reseeding
  • Material and labour costs for spraying and fertilizing
  • Pruning trees not posing a threat to safety and access
  • Planting and maintaining flowers and vegetables
  • Removing dead trees not posing a threat to safety and access.
  • Maintaining swimming pools
  • Grounds maintenance portion of condominium fees
  • Cost of firewood or labour for cutting and hauling it to the home
  • Snow removal when client is not actively in the primary residence ( i.e spends winter in Florida)