Plants for prairies

Bearded Iris.
Hardness: Zone 2.
This is beautiful perennial with easy maintenance habits. Perfectly suited for full sun to partly shade very many Bearded Irises will brighten up the garden. It grows up to 60-120 cm and blooms in late spring to early summer with blue, purple, yellow or white flowers.
The foliage consist of narrow leaves, compact clumps that perfectly suited for place next to a pond or ” solitaire” areas.This is easy maintenance plant prefers to be planted in rich, moisture -holding soil.

Hardenss: Zone 2-3
” Clematis” comes Greek word meaning ” climbing plant”. It belongs to Ranunculaceae family, same as delphiniums, peonies and anemones.

Beautiful 13-15 cm flowers cover the plant from top to botom continuously bloom from early summer to September, depending of group. Clematices should be pruned according to pruning group too.

Group A: Need to be pruned only in case dameged stems or to control the size if plant. Clematis Alpina.

Group B: Cut out dead growth and week shouts to strong pair of buds. You should prune lightly, removing dead weak wood first so as to get a better view of the plant.
Remember that the largest flowers will produced on old wood, so you don’t need to cut too much.
Group C: Need to cut previous year spems early in spring near to ground level. Flowers bloom from July until September.

________________________________________________Japanese Barberry
Hardness: Zone 2-4
Deciduous Shrub shines all season long. Dark puple, fine textured leaves appear in early spring. later in fall foliage turns into a shocking crimsom color.
“Rose Glow” tops out at about 1,5 m tall making it perfect for the front of a shrub border ofg single specimen for color contract. It perform well in most soils.
Barberry “Sunsation” has height 1 m, spread 1 m, has golden-yellow foliage. It works well in small hedges and to bright up the garden. Remember most plants with unique colored leaves require full sun to enchance leaf color.