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landscape maintanance

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The residential garden landscape is canvas upon which to paint a picture. The landscaping ideas and design should be timeless and without allegiance to fashion. As well, studies show that the aesthetic beauty achieved through landscaping is very important to the value of a property. Sophisticated landscaping and professional upkeep significantly increases your property’s price tag. It indicates that every dollar invested in installing and properly caring for landscaping increases by at least double when accounted for in the property’s overall value. If you spend $10,000 on landscape design, the added value with proper care tacks on at least $20,000 to your property’s price tag. Sadly, many fashionable new gardens today will be soon out of date, thereby actually detracting from the value of the property in the future. Greenviron LTD offers a complete residential and commercial landscape maintenance and garden care service, which includes tasks as diverse as lawn care and maintenance, shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming, and anything else which keeps your garden looking at its best! We guarantee minimum inconvenience to residents, customers and operations, machinery and equipment will operate safely under strict guidelines, all equipment will remove at the end of each work day, professional hedge & ornamental shrub management. Whether it be a one off visit to simply get the garden into shape, or regular visits ensuring the garden stays in shape, the choice is yours. Our friendly gardening teams will be pleased to help you turn your garden into an asset by keeping it in good shape. Not all people are lucky enough these days to have the time or the desire to tend to their gardens in the way that is needed. They would rather not think about the upkeep of the garden themselves, and therefore bring in outside help in from people such as ourselves.

Why not invite our landscape maintenance consultant to discuss the various options available to you, and take advantage of our free estimate service – ask us for a landscape maintenance estimate and you could have your garden transformed within a matter of days.

landscape maintenance