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landscape design

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Every great landscape picture at some point started as a vision, which developed into an idea. This landscape idea you bring to a designer who puts together the plan, materials, crew and all the work to make your dream come true. Sounds easy and it truly is if you work with a landscape designer who understands you and respects your vision. Foreseeing the final result of a landscape design is a talent that comes with planning, knowledge and experience that we generously share with you.

Planning your landscape design

An ancient Roman maxim states, “It is a bad plan that admits of no modifications”, and a plan for a landscape design illustrates this point perfectly. Begin by considering the permanent elements of the physical landscape, such as large trees, neighboring structures, and microclimates, as well as certain regulations of city of Calgary.

Developing a concept.

In any truly successful design, the plants, hardscape, and ornaments combine to create a cohesive whole in harmony with itself and its surroundings. There are many ways to achieve a sense of harmony and unity in a landscape.

Make a wish list!

  • Place to entertain
  • Play areas for children in the garden
  • Private place to retreat
  • A water feature
  • Theme gardens or plant collections
  • Views from the house

Whether it is your front yard landscaping, backyard landscaping, your flower beds or you simply have an idea and you don’t know where to start – invite our professional for a consultation- it is a good start.

The design consultation is your chance to express yourself and hear what solutions are available on the market to make it come true. Once the landscape design is prepared as a drawing, and starts taking shape you can seat back and relax – the most difficult part is complete and your landscape construction is now in professional hands. What seems to you unreachable, we perceive as a potential for uniqueness. Because we can see the big picture from a hint, we can help you develop a landscaping design at any stage of it’s creation and to any extent of our involvement.

landscape design