landscaping ideas

What are a landscaping ideas- it is your vision of the environment around you. But it takes a lot of time and work to make it happen. Good landscaping can last years but it takes great landscaping ideas and professional approach to make it last for generations. You want to be able to see the trees grow with your children and not to be cut down in a year or so, for being always on your way.

When creating a landscape you need to consider the specifics of the climate and the terrain, chemistry of the soil and level of the exposure to the sun, and that is just to begin. But unless landscaping is your true passion supported by science and experience, then every spring you redo what was done last spring with the idea that you’ll have to redo it the next spring anyways. We can help you do it right from the first time.

We work with any given idea or suggest our own, develop a landscape design or get involved in the landscape construction; provide landscape maintenance or install sod- there are no small or big jobs for us because we are professionals at anything we do.

Landscape design has come a long way since the times of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon- one of the earliest records of professionally created landscaping with scientific approach. It is in human character to change the environment around us to reflect our personality through the mirror of nature.


WE UNDERSTAND that large projects often need to be done in phases. We create our designs so that the first phase can flow smoothly into the last, and we’re happy to work with you to break your project into affordable stages. These can be done in a single year or over a period of years.

WE USE SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES and practice organic gardening.

WE USE TOP-QUALITY plants and materials with a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE.

WE BELIEVE in the importance of having outdoor living spaces – being connected to nature brings wholeness.

WE BELIEVE IN GIVING BACK, and support our community with donations of work, plants and our energetic dedication to help your cause.