Fall has arrived

Fall is arrived and now is the time to get your yard ready for the winter so that spring clean up is less tedious and the lawn, plants, trees and shrubs are healthier.

Grass: Grass should be less six inches tall according to Community Standards Bylaw, but three inches is optimal. Late fall is the best time to apply fresh seed to renew a lawn; the seed lies dormant under the snow and germinates the next spring with the moisture and melt.

Leaves: Raking the lawn ensures your grass won’t suffocate under a burned of fallen leaves. Remember that under the Community Standards Bylaw is illegal to burn leaves and yard waste in Calgary.

Weeds: According to the latest version of the Alberta Weeds Control Regulation, weeds are now divided into two groups: noxious and prohibited noxious. The growth of noxious weeds must be controlled and prohibited noxious weeds must be destroyed. Dandelions are not considered weeds but grass and should be dealt with accordingly.

Plants: Leave perennial standing until next spring, but remove fallen fruit and leaves as these may house disease-causing organism that can rise next spring for a renewed assault.

Trees and shrubs must maintain in way they don’t interfere with pedestrians or vehicles. Reduce watering of trees and shrubs in the fall, but give all evergreens one heavy watering as close to freeze-up as possible. This will prevent dehydration over the winter.