Fall Garden Clean up

Fall clean –up and preparation for winter

Remove all dead and dying top growth in perennial floral beds before the onset of winter
to prevent the overwintering of possible pathogens or insects in the debris. Although this
debris can act as mulch and snowtrap over winter, it is safer to add a clean mulch or peat,
or provide a snow fence or other wind breaking device to trap snow. Spading or turning
over the soil between the plant crowns also helps trap snow.
There are several things you can do to help bring plants through the harsh winter. A
good snow cover that remains in place throughout the winter season is ideal. You may
need to periodically shovel or transport snow from one part of the garden to another. The
orientation of flowers beds in relation to buildings, fences, trees, and shrubs ( especially
coniferous evergreens) will determine how well snow accumulates and also how well it
remains unmelted.