Devonian Gardens in DT reopen!

Devonian gardens in Calgary Down Town, located at 8 Ave & 2 St SW on fourth floor was restored June 27, 2012.

I waited this re-opening almost 4 years. Remembering how it was wonderful as enchanting forest in big megalopolis I liked to see a new look after reconstruction.

Yes, it is still the great place in Calgary to visit and benefit Calgarians for free attraction, venue place for private and corporate parties, the cool meeting spot in lunchtime for the shoppers and business people.

As a horticulturist and landscape designer I couldn’t miss it and visited Gardens Grand Opening  at evening.

Redesign made with remarkable changes. Contemporary landscaping, waterfalls, exotic plants and trees, alive tropical walls, paths and wide-open entryway are so vibrant and enjoyable.

The kid’s playground corner made with new hi-tech rubber mates and the climbing wall designed especially for little ones. Our children deserve to have more play areas like this. I hope in next couple months here will be available the education programs for kids.

The atmosphere of indoor park comes from the skylight, new layout, fresh timeless look and three ponds that hold Koi fishes.

If you are looking for the great place to see and spend time with your family in Calgary this one is the perfect!