Choosing trees and shrubs….

Choosing waterwise plants that not only grow and thrive in Calgary’s short growing season, but also able to survive cold winter temperatures, drying winds and limited snow cover. Only plants labelled Zone 2 or 3 consistently hardy enough to survive year after year in Calgary.

  • Make plant selection based on mature size to avoid unnecessary removal or relocation of established trees and shrubs.
  • Shrubs and trees can be purchased as bare-root stock, in containers, or as balled and bur-lapped larger trees. each type has specific instructions for planting so that the tree or shrub will quickly become established in its new location.
  • Avoid planting too deeply, which causes damage to tree roots and affects long-term plant health.
  • Mulch with shredded bark to a depth of 2-4 inches. Leave a space around the tree trunk so mulch isn’t touching trunk.
  • Do not prune directly after planting, except to remove dead or damaged branches.
  • Encourage growth of vigorous root system during the first two years through careful irrigation.
  • Avoid over-watering by checking the soil below the surface.
  • Reduce water in late summer and early fall and allow plants to gradually prepare for winter.
  • Just before the ground freezes, water plant well so that the roots are “ice-blocked”
  • Create wells around the trunk of plants to hold water in the root zone.

Provide for your plants individual needs, and they will reward you with vigorous growth, good health and a lifetime of beauty in the garden.

We recommend shrubs

Common Ninebark

A vigorous plant with arching branches and thin, golden brown bark. it has deep fibrous roots and is adaptable to most soils. Grows up to 2 meters high and 1,5 meters wide. Semi-shade.      




                                                Dwarf Blue SpruceAll spruces have shallow spreading root systems that compete with other plants for moisture. Grows up to 2 meters wide and tall, this variety is hardly in a wide range of soil types.  

American Highbush Cranberry.    

Native to prairie woodlands, this large shrub has showy white flowers in spring, edible red fruits and red fall colour. Adaptable to all soils, it will require additional water only if the fruits cultivated for eating. 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide.  Part shade resistant.



A native of the eastern prairies, this species has long, slenger branches that farm a tall, open shrub with shiny, oval leaves that turn a beautiful purple in fall. White flowers in spring mature to purple-black berries in fall that appeal to birds. Abaptable to all types of soil. Well grows  in full sun and partial shade.   

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