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Japanese Style Gardens

The distinctive look of Japanese gardens is easy to recognize but difficult to achieve.  Full of symbols that convey the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, Japanese gardens are meant to be both a visual and spiritual experience. The three main elements of Japanese gardens are trees and shrubs, water and stones. […]

Plants for prairies

Bearded Iris. Hardness: Zone 2. This is beautiful perennial with easy maintenance habits. Perfectly suited for full sun to partly shade very many Bearded Irises will brighten up the garden. It grows up to 60-120 cm and blooms in late spring to early summer with blue, purple, yellow or white flowers. The foliage consist […]

Garden maintenance in autumn

Now is a good time to divide large clumps of delphiniums, daylilies and peonies if they are too big in your perennial garden. New beds and boarders can be planned and prepared as well. You may add compost and mature that will provoke next year bloom. Organic matter brings important […]

Choosing trees and shrubs….

Choosing waterwise plants that not only grow and thrive in Calgary’s short growing season, but also able to survive cold winter temperatures, drying winds and limited snow cover. Only plants labelled Zone 2 or 3 consistently hardy enough to survive year after year in Calgary. Make plant selection based on […]

About landscape design

Although we converse freely and exchange ideas and concepts through language and text, this can be limiting, particularly when explaining or describing more complex shapes, patterns and forms. For designers who work in three dimensions, visual communication is often more efficient descriptive and easily accessible. The visual or graphic communication […]

Fall Garden Clean up

Fall clean –up and preparation for winter Remove all dead and dying top growth in perennial floral beds before the onset of winter to prevent the overwintering of possible pathogens or insects in the debris. Although this debris can act as mulch and snowtrap over winter, it is safer to […]