Best Perennials for Calgary

If you’ve had a routine of planting colorful annuals every spring and summer and are starting to think that all that money and planting is getting to be too much, you are ready for perennials.
Perennials return to grow and rebloom every season in your garden, meaning you only have to plant them once.
Best of all, many perennials obligingly grow bigger and better with each year, settling into your garden and producing lots of flowers.

Mature height 1-5 feet
Width 2-4 feet
Flower colors: blue, purple
Bloom time: June-August
Zone : 2

Ornamental salvias have become extremely popular in sunny gardens in recent years because the selections are superb, deer resistant, and low maintenance. Some prefer moist soil to look their best, while others are remarkably drought-tolerant.


Height 3-4 feet
Width: 3-4 feet
Flowers colors: white, pink, purple, yellow, blue, bicolors.
Bloom time: June
Zone: 2-6
Bearded iris are generally adapted to full sun and good drainage. root rot is encouraged by shade soggy soil. if encroaching trees begin to shade iris, they may become less vigorous and less free flowering.
Bearded iris are excellent plants for the edging or foreground height range of the perennial border. Their foliage remains attractive throughout the season.

Oriental Poppy
Height: 2 feet
Flowers colors: pink, salmon, orange, red, white
bloom time: June

Although they make a dramatic impact in the perennial border when in bloom, after flowering the foliage becomes shabby.

Hardy Geraniums
Height: 1-2 feet
Width: 1-2 feet
Flowers colors: purple, blue, pink, white.
Bloom time: spring and summer.
Zone 2-9
Most geraniums are groundcovers or low mounding plants, suitable for the front of flower borders.
To look their best hardy geraniums like to have decent, well drained soil, and full –part sun corners.