Monthly Archives: October 2010

Our parther Tree removal services

                                         Sullivan Tree Services Ltd worked with Greenviron Group during 2010.    Subcontracting the fully insured professionals with experience, fast friendly service and best prices we have got many compliments from our customers and neighbors.   The company offers tree pruning/ removal, land clearing and brushing. As well they […]

Fall Garden Clean up

Fall clean –up and preparation for winter Remove all dead and dying top growth in perennial floral beds before the onset of winter to prevent the overwintering of possible pathogens or insects in the debris. Although this debris can act as mulch and snowtrap over winter, it is safer to […]

Fall Planting Hints

Fall is a good time to plant fruit trees; winter rain ensures the roots do not dry out. Planting the tree at correct level is important. If it too high, roots may dry out; too deep and the bark on the stem collar may rot, leading to the death of […]